EcoWashDry - Laundry in Palma de Mallorca with home delivery
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Laundry in Palma de Mallorca

EcoWashDry is a laundry in Palma de Mallorca, with home delivery throughout the island. We collect and deliver clothing at home and in marinas and recreational areas. Our economic and quality laundry service will allow you to save time and enjoy your holidays in Mallorca. We take care of washing your clothes, ironing them, and delivering them to your home.

Laundry with home delivery in Mallorca

Clothes collection at home

We wash your clothes with care

We dry your clothes

We fold your clothes

Call us at 667781443

You can enjoy your free time

Who we are?

We are a couple with two daughters who have been living in the island for a while.

As tourist every year of vacation and we always had the same problem.

Immediately we realized that we generated a lot of dirty clothes that we accumulated and did not have way of clean it.

We think that with our service of pick-up and home delivery of laundry, we solve this problem, leaving families enjoy their vacation, while we work.

EcoWashDry - Lavandería en Palma de Mallorca - Quiénes Somos

We offer washing and drying of clothes for a very competitive price.

With this service of home delivery laundry in Mallorca, I consider that we cover a need for tourists. 

At first we don’t propose the clothes ironing service, because the clothes that are used during summer often don’t need it, although we have that service with an extra fee. 


Subscribe and we will inform you …

We are open to any suggestion that you can think of.

We are on contact with Charters companies for providing them service.

Remember, trusted laundry with home delivery 24/7 in Mallorca..

We are at your disposal. Contact EcoWashDry.

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