Rates - EcoWashDry - Laundry in Palma de Mallorca with home delivery
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We have two kind of rates, depending de amount of clothes you need to clean, on home delivery laundry service.

Ecowashdry Small Laundry Palma Mallorca Price

We also provide this Services.

For those who have bigger needs, we have a ironing and arrangement of clothes service than we will value at home.

We have several laundry rates depending on the needs you have:

Home delivery laundry rate
Villas and Boats.

Laundry specialized in the treatment of the most delicate garments, with a delivery service either at home or on the ship, with a special ironing service and the speed required by customers

Home delivery laundry rate
Laundry less than 8 kg

Laundry for clothes (clothing, shirts, shirts, pants, etc) with home delivery but with washing, drying and packaging of clothes (without ironing) at an unbeatable price.

Home delivery laundry rate
Laundry less than 12 kg

Laundry for clothes of less than 12 kg with delivery service (clothing, shirts, shirts, pants etc) without ironing, but with washing, drying and packaging of clothes at an unbeatable price.

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