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Laundry in Palma de Mallorca

Ecowashdry is a laundry in Palma de Mallorca that deals with your laundry and deliver it to your home, so you can enjoy your holiday on the island.

The laundry is the task of the home that steals the most time since it is not only to put the washing machine, you also have to tend, pick up and fold the clothes. To this we must add the time it takes us to iron.

Summer is coming and, with it, the holidays. On vacations we want to spend most of our time resting and leaving aside the household chores. Each year the number of tourists visiting the island of Mallorca increases and having a laundry service to have clean and dry all their clothes for a small price is very useful. At EcoWashDry we offer an on-site laundry service so washing and drying your clothes during your vacation is easy since washing your clothes in the hotel laundry is usually quite expensive and not all hotels have this service.

Laundry service at home in Mallorca

At Ecowashdry we collect and deliver your clothes both at home and in marinas, hotels, holiday apartments etc … so you do not have to use transport and can wash and dry your clothes without having to travel.

For your convenience we have collection and delivery service of laundry in boats. We move to the marina where your boat is and we go to remove their clothes. We carry out your laundry and deliver it on board, with total confidence and with the guarantee of our professional experience.

Our laundry service will allow you to save time and enjoy your holidays in Mallorca. Leave your clothes in our hands, we offer a fast and efficient service to save time and money. Our goal at Ecowashdry is for our clients to enjoy their free time.

We deliver your clothes clean, dry and folded at any point of Mallorca. If you wish we also offer the possibility of delivering ironed. In addition, we also have a garment repair service. These services have an additional supplement. Our rates are adapted to the amount of clothes you need to clean. Both small and large castings, in Ecowashdry we can wash clothes, wash sheets, towels, bedspreads, tablecloths etc …

The philosophy of the Ecowashdry laundry is to offer a quality service so that you can enjoy your stay in Mallorca without worries. Our method of work is to offer you a good service in record time and with a very tight rate. We wash your clothes very carefully so you can enjoy your time. We perform laundry home service to the whole island of Mallorca.

Call us at (+34) 667781443 or contact us through our email if you want to receive more information about our laundry service at home.

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